Springtime Bliss

May 20, 2012

If there is a Heaven, I want this to be it; a budding forest in spring, with the drab, leaf-littered floor strewn with bright windflowers and speckles of sunlight. It’s one of only a handful of things that I miss about Sweden; the fresh and musky aroma of the anemones, and the twitter or nesting birds and flies flittering in the ambience.


April Hails

April 19, 2012

May is already half-way here. Although the world is tenderly spring-green, and there being a crisp freshness in the air, rain has been plentiful, with ominous clouds stalking the early morning horizon.

I spend most of my time indoors, with very little inclination to venture outside. It hailed earlier today, covering the ground with a translucent layer, not at all unlike a sweet granita, horribly misplaced.

Exams are coming up within a fortnight, and I find myself delving ever deeper into the required materials. Updates will be scanty until then, but I expect this to change within a month, once the current challenges has been countered.

Hopefully, as I return to launch this blog properly, the sun will also have returned. I am longing to step outdoors without having to bring my umbrella — just in case!

Happy Easter

April 7, 2012

Happy Easter!

I found these pretty eggs in the supermarket the other day, and brought them home with me. So very pretty au naturale, in three shades of teal. Although I think they would also be gorgeous painted with a modest white pattern! (But that’s for next year, this year I’m too busy to do anything but feast on these pretty little gems–with the most succulent, golden yolks. Cracked open, they were a joy to see!)

Hope you’ll have a very happy Easter!