April Hails

April 19, 2012

May is already half-way here. Although the world is tenderly spring-green, and there being a crisp freshness in the air, rain has been plentiful, with ominous clouds stalking the early morning horizon.

I spend most of my time indoors, with very little inclination to venture outside. It hailed earlier today, covering the ground with a translucent layer, not at all unlike a sweet granita, horribly misplaced.

Exams are coming up within a fortnight, and I find myself delving ever deeper into the required materials. Updates will be scanty until then, but I expect this to change within a month, once the current challenges has been countered.

Hopefully, as I return to launch this blog properly, the sun will also have returned. I am longing to step outdoors without having to bring my umbrella — just in case!